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Welcome to the world of Shrink Wrap

Swed Wrap is providing all weather environment protection. We use a heat shrinkable plastic film, installed by ourselves on site. The application of the process is almost limitless. Any thing that requires a protected environment can be covered.

Swed Wrap plastic comes in rolls up to 12 metres wide by 50 meters long. This provides a single sheet cover with no leaks. The material is placed over the item to be covered, secured, then heat shrunk to create a drum tight close fitting barrier. It can be glued to itself under heat, giving you a water, air, and dust proof seal that will not come apart even at the coldest and windiest times of the year. It also provides good UV protection for the summer months.

A Stockholm boat covered 5 years ago is still as good today as it was when fitted. The fact that the sheeting can be glued to itself means any size of structure can be covered. In the case of items prepared for storage, previous problems with moisture entrapment are now eradicated with specially designed vents that allow air flow throughout the interior. Adhesive zipped doors can be provided to gain access without compromising the integrity of the cover.

Protect Your Assets

Swed Wrap shrink film provides a barrier against rain, snow, wind, sun and dust. In an uncertain financial market the business of asset protection has become big business, so your assets will hold their value longer using our expertise in containment.


Items for storage ,transport or containment covered by tarpaulins can be easily tampered with. Shrink Wrap will cut out the majority of petty theft as the plastic has to be physically cut with a sharp knife to gain access. In the event of a theft, the damage to the plastic will be immediately obvious and any further action can be taken quickly to apprehend the persons or stolen goods involved.

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